3 Year Strategic Initiatives

1) Integrate World Savvy’s program model to drive whole school transformation.

    1.1 Integrate separate program offerings into a holistic pathway approach to transform a school’s pedagogy and culture.

    1.2 Develop support structures for school and district leaders to create a vision of and lead toward transformative organizations.

    1.3 Strengthen fund development efforts within current markets to build robust, place-based support for school partners in existing regions.

    1.4 Leverage existing market relationships to broaden reach within schools as well as across districts and regions.

2) Lead innovation in the field of global education.

    2.1 Integrate virtual learning across program offerings to expand reach and impact of programs, including: coaching, webinars, WSC model, microcredentials, GCC, and short courses.

    2.2 Build out, organize, and distribute a suite of resources for students, teachers, and education leaders that support the development of global competence.

    2.3 Develop and deepen professional development and supports for teachers in the following areas:
    • ELL
    • Whole child model
    • Social emotional learning

    2.4 Complete a pilot and evaluate World Savvy’s work in two rural regions (“hubs”), and develop and refine our strategy for future growth in rural communities.

3) Deepen and advance our capacity to evaluate and share our impact.

    3.1 Enhance World Savvy’s evaluation to integrate a Principles-Based Approach.

    3.2 Create feedback process for describing the change created within the four walls of a school.

    3.3 Intentionally leverage networks of teachers to create new communication channels about the learning and impact within classrooms.

    3.4 Advance thought leadership through strategic media placement, conference participation and speaking opportunities, publications, and policy engagement.

4) Grow and scale our work in alignment with World Savvy’s 2030 Vision.

    4.1 Strengthen hiring, onboarding, professional development, and employee evaluation processes.

    4.2 Evaluate the growth capital goal and complete campaign to support significant growth and scale in FY21 and beyond.

    4.3 Evaluate and realign earned revenue model with current and future market realities; generate a business model for programming that sustains multi-year support for school partnerships and programs.

    4.4 Strategically develop World Savvy’s Board of Directors for the future, including realigning structure for national work, and introduce regional advisories to guide work in new markets. Expand size of board, its national scope, and its connection to the K-12 educational field and philanthropy.

    4.5 Develop fundraising plan with strong focus on national foundations, corporate champions, and major donors to support place-based work.