AYLP with Peru

The American Youth Leadership Program with Peru was a fully-funded exchange program that brought together 18 youth and 3 educators from diverse backgrounds for a unique cross-cultural opportunity. Participants explored the country and culture of Peru, as well as issues of food security and nutrition both at home and abroad.

For a period of 8 months, students:

  • Learned locally during the pre-program online course and virtual orientations

  • Traveled in Peru (1 month)

    • 2 weeks of travel in the Lima and Cusco regions

    • 2 weeks in a homestay in Lamas, a jungle town near the Amazon

  • Implemented a post-program Knowledge to Action project in their home communities  

Students developed base knowledge on the topic in the US, and brought learning to life in Peru, through site visits and personal connections. Students met individuals affected by malnutrition and hunger, and saw how innovative solutions can impact the lives of entire communities.   Through cultural exploration and academic study of a pressing global issue, the American Youth Leadership Program inspired action, advocacy and responsible global citizenship.  This program was run in partnership with Xperitas and the US Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs

2014 Program Year

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