Brandolyn Patterson - Consultant


Brandolyn first noticed the true interdisciplinary nature of global issues while in college, where she became aware that most environmental issues of global significance were not solvable when approached from a single lens.  She realized that if she wanted to be a next generation problem solver, she would have to broaden her perspective, practice problem solving in authentic situations, and develop as a globally competent individual. 
Currently, Brandolyn teaches middle school in Mill Valley, California, where she works to integrate global competence into the mathematics classroom.   She is an active member of the mathematics community, both with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the California Mathematics Council, where she strives to help others understand the connection between mathematics and global issues.
Brandolyn holds a B.S. in Environmental Biology (UC Davis), a M.S. in Environmental Studies (San Jose State University), a Ph.D. in Soil, Water, and Environmental Science (University of Arizona), as well as a California Teaching Credential.  She is a California native who enjoys camping, hiking, traveling to new places with her family, playing the piano, and reading just about anything that isn't a textbook.