Brenda Esqueda Morales - Program Team Summer Fellow

Brenda BW.jpg

Brenda was born in Mexico and raised in South Omaha, Nebraska finding her passion for education by witnessing her peers become teachers for each other and seeing classrooms become homes for students. Observing the ways in which students came upon their strengths within the classroom peaked her interest in the potential of a teacher's pedagogy, especially as it was used to embrace the students' identities.

Brenda is a rising junior at Harvard College, studying Sociology with an Education Secondary. While in college she has been dedicated to working with cultural and race relations through the Harvard Foundation. She seeks to create programming and spaces where a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and the intersectionality of identities is grounded supporting students as they through social justice issues. Through her experiences at the Foundation and her studies in education, critical race theory, criminal justice, sociology, and immigration she holds steadfast to the belief that the ability to relate to people from different backgrounds and the skill to critically engage with global issues are the most challenging, impactful, and necessary skills students must have as people throughout the world continue to come together. 

 Outside of World Savvy, Brenda can be found at immigration advocacy events, in TDS WHRB 95.3's hip-hop show, or with her family.