Chengru Long - Program and Operations Intern

As a first generation college student, the importance of education has always been instilled in Chengru. She just completed her first year at Harvard College and plans to concentrate in social studies with a focus in education. During her first year at Harvard, she participated in multiple education initiatives. During her fall semester, she took part in a mentorship program where she guided a high school student through the college application process. Over her winter break, she taught a gender stereotypes seminar she constructed herself in NYC middle schools under a nonprofit called College Students for Enrichment in Secondary Schools. During her spring semester, she was a site director/intern at Let’s Get Ready, a nonprofit providing free SAT and college admissions counseling to low-income students. 

This summer she is looking forward to furthering her involvement in education and excited to be interning at World Savvy and exploring the beautiful city of San Francisco.