Cherry Bergo - Operations Project Associate


Cherry has decided to dedicate her career to fundraising for nonprofits due to her enthusiasm for ensuring people in need have adequate access to resources that better their lives in all aspects. Working at political campaigns during college shaped her interest in fundraising. She then started interning in the development department at Urban Arts Academy, a nonprofit academy that provides diverse art education to preschool and after school programs for low-income families. She found fundraising at nonprofits incredibly meaningful when she saw implementation of her efforts translate into remedies to social problems.

At Urban Arts Academy, she learned that kids are like sheets of blank paper--they can be very open-minded when exposed to different arts and can learn to respect cultures different from theirs. When Cherry takes a step back and looks at the world we are living in now, she sees prejudices against different groups of people. She understands that there needs to be systemic change in education so the next generation can minimize such misunderstanding in order to build a harmonious community. And so, she joined World Savvy.

Cherry grew up in Hong Kong and moved to the United States five years ago. She earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Minnesota.