Denny Yang - Marketing Communications Associate


As a native of Saint Paul, MN and son of immigrant parents (and refugees of war), Denny’s struggled identifying who he is in this diverse but unyielding society. His experiences compelled him towards storytelling and understanding how the arts and the sciences could come together to increase the effectiveness of communication channels. This led him to hone not only his media and design skills but also to study the underlying influences of culture on everyday life, and how one understands and communicates information.

His studies led to the recent completion of his Master of Science in Technical Communications at Metropolitan State University, where he worked for several years as a graduate and special projects assistant at the Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship (ICES). Strangely enough, ICES organizes weekly K-12 campus visits and he had participated in these visits a decade before with his elementary school. While there, he felt that it was only fitting that he worked with visiting students to understand the importance of higher education as he was once in their position; he taught video production to middle school students and took part in college panels. At ICES, he also worked closely at bringing equity and understanding to campus communities, enhancing the campus’ art and professional communities, and increasing student activity and participation.

He is a lover of all things related to The Legend of Zelda, is a recovering addict of World of Warcraft, and enjoys his daily dosage of streaming services.