District Partnership Program

World Savvy partners with school districts to support district-wide planning and program implementation of global competence education.  Our District Partnerships package includes:

  • Assessment and Feedback: World Savvy will conduct a formative assessment which examines the depth of global competence education throughout the district. The assessment process includes: analysis of existing curriculum, analysis of system-wide programs, student access to programs and focus groups with key stakeholders. District leaders receive both written and oral feedback in order to design goals and strategies for global competence.

  • Leadership Facilitation: World Savvy offers facilitated support to build a district-wide leadership team in order to: adopt a definition of global competence, set goals,  develop strategies and activities, align district-wide programs and monitor implementation. The leadership team generally includes school based and district staff including a mix of classroom teachers, school leaders and district staff. The team meets regularly over the course of 1-3 years (depending on the goals of the district).

  •  Workshop Series: World Savvy provides a range of workshop opportunities for staff from across the district. The workshops can be offered as stand-alone experiences or as a series of experiences spread out across the school year. The workshops are designed to build support for global competence across the district. Workshops at the district level can be targeted to specific groups including the following

    • New Teachers

    • Site-based leadership

    • District leaders from multiple departments

    • District educators from multiple schools