Educator Stories

"Working with [World Savvy] has been one of my most powerful experiences in my almost fifteen years of teaching. The transitional mini-unit we developed made my students understand how issues of global and historical import mattered to them and their community. I highly recommend the Media and Arts Program to any school or educator interested in the vital and creative learning of issues of social justice."

-John Honerkamp, ELA Teacher, Bronx Design and Construction Academy

"One of my students, Gisselle, joined our class late but upon matriculation, took an immediate interest in the subject matter. Our students were tasked with the construction of hospital dioramas that included all the things that were missing from some hospital that they examined (via pictures and documentaries). Gisselle asked to take her diorama home on the day before I needed to submit the items for preparation for display in the museum. She returned the next day with a project that was completely transformed. When I showed her the picture of her diorama on display in the museum, her eyes teared up and she gave me the biggest smile I had ever seen her produce. World Savvy works magic!"

-SF Educator on program workshops

“I loved the sense of community it brought into my classroom. The students all were very proud of what they completed and have told me several times where they want the mural displayed….. I had one in this class that I had this past fall. This student would, at times, have extreme and very challenging behaviors to deal with. I have had him cuss me out and get into verbal confrontations with other students in my class. Yet, I knew that he was a very talented artist. Through this program he was able to control his body and mouth and took on a great leadership role. He really began to take pride in what we were creating and loved the overall theme of community. I really believe that the mural would not have turned out as nice if it were not for him.” 

– Stacie McCormack, Art Teacher, Nellie Stone Johnson Community School

“I did this project with my two AP classrooms -- this was really refreshing for them because usually it is really rigorous with heavy reading and writing. For two academically driven classes to be able to take a break and look at agriculture in a different way…They put a lot of themselves into what they were doing instead of just being burdened by a due date, a ten-page paper with 12 sources -- really nice to see them achieve at high level but in a different way.”

– Sean Kier, Geography Teacher, Southwest High School