Evaluation & Assessment

Global competence is an emergent and complex concept. The world is constantly changing and, with it, the knowledge, skills, and dispositions required to navigate the world continue to change. Within this context, World Savvy’s work to build the knowledge, skills, and dispositions for global competence requires ongoing adaptation and innovation. Educating for global competence is a complex process that cannot be achieved with a linear or stagnant approach, nor is it a ‘checklist’ of activities and knowledge. Evaluating our work and assessing global competence therefore necessitates an approach that accounts for this continuous development and change. In consultation with evaluation expert Michael Quinn Patton, World Savvy had adopted a utilization-focused developmental approach to evaluation and assessment.

To evaluate program experience, outcomes and impact, World Savvy collects qualitative and quantitative data from program participants through surveys, observations, interviews, focus groups, and case studies.  We administer a post-program retrospective survey for students.  In consultation with evaluation experts we have developed a survey instrument to accurately capture the changes in students’ global competence over the course of their participation in World Savvy programs. We also survey participating educators at the close of the program to measure both their own learning as a result of the professional development aspects of our programs, and their observations and impressions of their students’ learning and progress. This quantitative and qualitative evaluation will be supplemented with formal and informal observation in the classroom and anecdotes from educators; the triangulation of data will provide an accurate and holistic view of World Savvy’s impact.