Welcome to the 2015 World Savvy Festivals!

The World Savvy Festivals are annual gatherings of middle/high school students and teachers participating in World Savvy programs who showcase their work exploring solutions to global issues.  They are joined by parents, community members and elected officials who serve as judges, presenters, discussion group leaders, and observers.  The Festival includes:

  • A challenge, during which students are judged on their approach to, and ideas around, potential solutions to global issues such as: water rights, human trafficking and environmental issues
  • A gallery-style showcase of student work, including artist statements with student perspectives 
  • Workshops around the theme of Population and Progress. 
  • Action roundtables, during which students from different schools come together for a discussion with their peers about strategies to address a global issue

The program is the culmination of a semester-long program designed to improve students’ global competence and prepare them to be engaged and responsible global citizens

For a presentation of our 2015 mini-Festival in Minneapolis, click here.

For more information, contact Aditi Naik at aditi@worldsavvy.org .