Kelsey Larson


Kelsey is from Burnsville, MN and just graduated from Macalester College in Saint Paul, MN where she majored in Educational Studies and American Studies and concentrated in Urban Studies. Kelsey is passionate about social justice and educational equity and hopes to engage these passions and find an education and youth related job in the Twin Cities. Kelsey was involved at Macalester as a Program Assistant for the Department of Multicultural Life and as a co-chair for MacSEE (Macalester Students for Educational Equity). She was involved off campus as a Ramsey County School Outreach Intern at Humboldt High School. Kelsey is currently enjoying the post-grad life and is excited to find new ways to engage in the Twin Cities community. 

Kelsey has been involved with World Savvy since ninth grade when she first participated in the World Savvy Classrooms program. She was involved in World Savvy Classrooms for three years and was a participant in the first AYLP program to Bangladesh in 2011-12. Kelsey continues to be involved with World Savvy and is excited to begin her third year on the Alumni Advisory Board.