Mai K. Xiong

Mai Xiong.png

Mai first became involved with World Savvy when she traveled abroad to Bangladesh as a part of the American Youth Leadership Program. Once there, she learned more about climate change, a problem that she soon came to take really seriously after coming back home to Minnesota. The experiences and the many life lessons she learned there have never left her memory. Because of her own first-hand experiences and through the villagers' personal stories, she's come to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle than before and more mindful of the opportunities given to her. 

Mai recently graduated from Hamline University with a Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration on management. She has a dream to one day have her own business that will promote the continuity of will being of humanity through eco-friendly means. She is currently a College Access Coach at Harding Senior High School in Saint Paul, MN, where she prepares high school seniors for college in their organizational skills, and with FAFSA, scholarships & college applications. With these, she hopes that they too can better the world with their hopes and dreams.

Nonetheless, as much as she is a busy person with huge goals and a huge commitment to living a more eco-friendly lifestyle, she loves to practice self-care, enjoys time with her loved ones, and gives back to the community whenever she can in.