World Savvy in The New York Times

In February, The New York Times reporter David Bornstein profiled World Savvy and the increasing need for global competence. You can read the article here. The story has been hugely helpful in drawing new audiences to our work, and we’ll continue to use it to build excitement and support for World Savvy. 


StarTribune Profiles World Savvy Festival Team from North High School

Students' project focuses on the impact of gentrification in North Minneapolis, the Bronx, and in Nairobi. 

Spotlight On: World Savvy at TEDx

World Savvy founder Dana Mortenson explores how teaching and learning in the U.S. is changing, or should change, in our rapidly evolving, interconnected global society. 


Congratulations Dana!  Dana received the  2014 Jane Bagley Lehman Award from the Tides Foundation for World Savvy’s contributions to education reform and excellence in public advocacy. The award recognizes individuals who have exhibited a deep commitment to the public interest and whose work demonstrates innovative approaches to social change.  The Foundation called Dana a "social entrepreneur and champion for education reform who is preparing students to thrive as global citizens in the 21st century through her dedication to making global competence education a foundational part of teaching and learning in the United States."

Global Education

This Fall, Minorities Will Outnumber White Students in U.S. Schools. Jeanne Kim, The Atlantic, August 2014.

How to Teach for the Global Innovation Age. Anthony Jackson, EdWeek, March 2014

Being Savvy about Global Competence. Craig Perrier, June 2014

Educating Global Problem Solvers. Zoe Weil, Edutopia, June 2014