Our Educational Approach


World Savvy’s approach goes beyond global awareness; our programs help address the gap in global competence, which includes enhancing students’ knowledge, skills, values, and behaviors for responsible global citizenship. Our programs focus on the integration of global content in teaching and learning across disciplines through innovative techniques that help students make connections between global issues and their personal lives and experiences. With this type of active and engaged learning, students acquire not just a deeper knowledge of a range of global issues, but also global citizenship skills, including critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving, and media literacy, which are vital for personal and professional success. We also work to ensure that all stakeholders, including teachers, students, administrators, parents, and community members, are involved in our programs and understand the value of global education for sustained and lasting impact in our school system.

World Savvy partners with educators across all disciplines and grade levels to help them transform their classrooms. Our approach is designed to promote learning that is experiential, personal and relevant to every student’s life. World Savvy learning is: 

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Project-based: Students explore global issues in depth and take action by sharing their perspectives or implementing solutions in their community.


Multi-disciplinary: Programs are designed to be embedded into curricula across all disciplines, with a strong emphasis on arts integration.


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Standards-aligned: Programs are aligned with standards across subjects, with particular emphasis on Common Core state standards.


Accessible: Students at all levels of skill and ability engage intellectually and imaginatively in developing their projects.