Since 2002, World Savvy has reached nearly 700,000 youth and over 5,000 educators. The most profound impact of World Savvy’s programs is evidenced by educator and student engagement - our programs make teaching and learning real, experiential, and relevant for a changing world. As a result, students acquire the kind of knowledge, skills, and dispositions that not only prepare them for college, career, and life in a global society, but help them identify as global citizens who are motivated to contribute as engaged citizens for our world.

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Here's an example of that impact -- No Hate Week @ Mill Valley Middle School

Through World Savvy Classrooms, a group of students from Mill Valley Middle School tackled the issue of bullying and discrimination. Their goal was to “to educate people in schools everywhere on the negative effects of discrimination.” After presenting their project at the World Savvy Festival, the team applied for, and received, a microgrant to help implement their Knowledge to Action Plan (K2A).  

With that grant, they launched No Hate Week, which included: student panels -- one on racism and one on self-hate; a No Hate pledge; and student-designed tee shirts and wrist bands that could be purchased once the pledge was signed. To promote the week, the team developed a No Hate Week logo, and website. 

As a result of the week, the team's leader, Vivian (pictured here wearing her No Hate Week tee shirt) said students experienced the power of determination, kindness, and opportunity.  And there was a lot of discussion about what it meant to be hateful, and how to be respectful and mindful of what you say and to whom. 

During the project, the team that led the project learned how to organize and contribute to a common goal, help others with their passions, and foster a feeling of friendship within their school community.  

The project was so successful that it will continue next year, with a new team leading the way.
Congratulations to the No Hate team at Mill Valley Middle School! 

To learn more about No Hate Week, visit their website.  Feel free to take the pledge, and to share the resource with other teens, teachers, or school leaders.