World Savvy partners with schools and districts to support the systemic integration of global competence education. The World Savvy Global Competence Matrix provides the foundation for our work in schools and districts. Partners with World Savvy have the ability to choose from a range of programs and services and customize partnership packages to best fit their needs.

School Partnership Program

District Partnership Program

Partnership Profile: In the fall of 2015, World Savvy began working with a cohort of teachers from Oakland Unified School District, with the goal of integrating global competence teaching and learning into their planning and practice. The primary vehicles to support this goal have been teacher professional development and small-group learning communities. World Savvy staff recently facilitated a workshop on developing a project-based learning unit and conducted follow-up coaching sessions with teachers to provide support around embedding globally competent teaching strategies into their units. In addition, we're providing in-depth global competence programming at one of the schools within the district. We’re looking forward to having students and teachers from OUSD participate in the San Francisco World Savvy Festival later this year! 

Please contact Wesley Farrow at for more information on partnerships.