During the 2017-2018  school year, World Savvy

  • Served 427 educators

  • Reached 40,275 students

  • Of those, World Savvy worked directly and intensively with 2,625 students and 35 educators through our World Savvy Classrooms program

How do we evaluate and assess our programs?

World Savvy changes the way teachers teach and students learn:

Among World Savvy Classroom participants,

90 600x green.png
85 teachers600x.png

of students developed global competence.

of educators increased their knowledge of how to implement a project-based unit.

of educators sought out multiple perspectives, develop a lesson linking global competence to the standards, and reflect on their own global competence.

Among Global Competence Certificate participants,

100 teachers 2600x.png

of graduates agreed that the GCC met their expectations.

of graduates increased their capacity to teach for global competence and commitment to global competence.


“World Savvy Classrooms has increased my toolbox as a teacher and helped me to be more expansive in my lesson planning.”

“Thanks to the training I’ve completed through World Savvy and the resources, I’m better at incorporating current issues into my standards-based curriculum.”

“The process of working through this curriculum meant I had to ‘let go of some control’ in the classroom and trust that my students would learn something valuable through the process.  In the end, that is exactly what happened in ways that far exceeded what I might have accomplished otherwise. I am a believer now.”

World Savvy changes the way students think about the world:

”I loved watching my students’ awareness of the issues grow.  And then they’d really dig into growing their knowledge.  It was almost like a natural step for them to want to then dive into action and think of ways they could work on the issue. And it was very rewarding to watch happen.”

Partnership Profiles

Since February 2013, World Savvy has been working to support Minneapolis Public Schools to fulfill its mission to prepare students “to become active, continuously learning and contributing global citizens.” We have offered professional development and customized support to teachers and schools across the district to embed global competence education into curriculum and instruction. 

During the 2014-15 school year, World Savvy supported all 9th grade social studies teachers in St. Paul Public Schools to enhance its World History curriculum by bringing in a wider range of perspectives and activities to engage all learners and build their global competence.