School Partnership Program

World Savvy works directly with schools to support the integration of global competence education into teaching, learning and organizational culture. Our partnership package with schools includes:

  •  Assessment and Feedback: World Savvy facilitates a formative assessment and feedback process that analyzes school climate, classroom practices and school-wide programs with specific emphasis on integration of global competence.

  • Leadership Development for Global Competence: World Savvy offers both workshops for school leaders as well as facilitation of school leadership teams. This work includes:

Facilitation of School Leadership Teams for Global Competence:  Global Competence Leadership Teams look across systems and structures to determine how best to support students and teachers develop global competence through, among other things, school-wide programs, professional development for educators, second language opportunities, and student travel.

Workshops for School Leaders: World Savvy offers a series of workshops for school leaders. The workshops include:  building school culture and climate around global competence; developing school-based programs and projects that provide all students access to experiences that support global competence development; classroom observations and feedback for teachers around global competence.

  • Workshops For Teachers: World Savvy offers a series of four, scaffolded, half-day PD sessions throughout a year.  Our professional development workshops are organized as strands that can be implemented over several workshops or can be a stand-alone workshop.  Professional development strands include:

Integrating Global Competence into the Classroom: This workshop includes lesson and unit design, routines and rituals that facilitate global competence development in the classroom.

Global Competence and Project-Based Design: This workshop focuses on the design of project based learning experiences that deeply engage students in research and action around a significant global issue.  

Assessment and Feedback for Global Competence: In this workshop, teachers learn to use the Global Competence Matrix as a tool for student self-assessment, peer assessment and teacher feedback.

  • Facilitation of Small Group and Professional Learning Communities: World Savvy works with staff to design and implement Professional Learning Communities that focus on global competence education. The learning communities are designed as an extension of the workshops. Professional Learning Communities include the following work: design and implementation of project-based curriculum and assessment that integrates global competence; lesson and instructional design; and analysis of student work