Shadman Sakib

Sakib, an alumni of World Savvy’s 2011/2012 Bangladesh exchange, grew up in Dhaka, Bangladesh and now attends Drexel University in the city of Philadelphia. A sophomore biomedical engineering major and entrepreneurship minor, he plans to pursue a career in social business and biomedical sciences while continuing to seek opportunities for interfaith collaboration. He is passionate about sustainable business, global health, and connectivity. In addition to spending time with friends and family, he loves biking, reading, and experimenting. He regularly travels to gain insights from leaders in business and community action.

Meeting Dr. Yunus during the 2012 World Savvy American Youth Leadership Program cultural exchange raised his interest in social entrepreneurship. Currently he works closely with the Close School of Entrepreneurship and Dornsife Neighborhood partnership. He is interviewing many of the adjunct faculty and local entrepreneurs to compare business strategies and implementation in the local community. As a Global Engagement Scholar, Sakib invests time in 6 international-themed projects over the year, volunteering with local non-profits and the Red Cross; this past semester he particularly enjoyed mentoring international gateway students and developing a new marketing campaign for Cadet Command.