Students and educators leave World Savvy Classrooms with a story. See what World Savvy participants have to say in their own words.

Stories from Students

Isaac and Carlos: Immigration and Poverty

Isaac and Carlos, along with their classmates, created a website to showcase the issues around, and linkages between, immigration and poverty. As recent immigrants to the United States and English-language learners, both could relate strongly to the themes of the project. Isaac’s father brought him to the U.S. from Togo to continue his education in the United States, and Carlos traveled here on his own from Ecuador in search of a better life.

Both students wanted to share their stories in order to shine a spotlight on immigration-related issues, and in the future, Isaac would like to help people in poverty worldwide by identifying ways to create more hospitals and schools.

Stories From Teachers

"Working with World Savvy this year was a transformative experience for me. I have been working for many years to create socially relevant, student-directed curricula and apply it to creative writing, one of my specialty fields that I think truly inspires authentic student engagement. I have also been searching for resources to help my students learn research skills, both for their academic careers and to serve their own personal future interests. I frankly didn’t expect to ever find an organization that could do all these things and more."

- Fred Arcoleo, NY Educator

Stories From the Classroom

Seventh graders at Park Day School in San Francisco undertook a hands-on exploration of the inter-connectedness of sustainable issues through the creation of a large scale “fiber arts” sculpture that simultaneously demonstrates the tensions between and integration of natural and synthetic materials. Students have documented their process using stop animation technique. Using scientific inquiry, these artists have identified and discerned the material qualities and differences they encounter through their sculptural process and to assess their complex connection to the concept of sustainability. Watch the video above to see a stop-motion animation video of their process and end product.