World Savvy Classrooms

The World Savvy Classrooms program integrates the highest level of global competence learning into classrooms by combining professional development and consulting for educators with project-based learning for K-12 students. The Classrooms program is aligned with and supports Common Core state standards, ensuring students learn the required ‘core’ content mandated by state and national standards, in a way that establishes real-world connections to the material.

Every three years, World Savvy selects a theme to frame student learning and projects. This approach adds depth and focus to student work, and guarantees that learning is relevant and current. World Savvy’s 2013-16 theme, Population & Progress, helps students explore how a growing population defines progress, analyze the evolving nature of our collective challenges, and develop innovations that address these issues.

For any questions about World Savvy Classrooms, please contact:

Veronica Castillo – -  San Francisco Bay Area

Jim Zacchini – – Twin Cities

Ken Simon - - National