Part pep rally, part global summit, the World Savvy Festival is an annual gathering of hundreds of middle and high school students, teachers, parents, community members and elected officials. During the Festival, students showcase their work exploring solutions to global issues, such as food security, human trafficking and environmental issues. The day is the culmination of a semester-long program designed to improve students’ global competence and prepare them to be engaged and responsible global citizens and changemakers. 
One important aspect of the Festival is the opportunity students have to present their work to an interested adult. We’re looking for members of the community to serve as judges from 9:15 am - 2 pm (lunch is provided). Judges will use a rubric provided by World Savvy, offer feedback and guidance on their content, skills, and presentation. No prior experience is required, and anyone interested in global issues has the skills to serve as a judge. World Savvy provides a required one-hour training in advance of the Festival.


2016 Festival Volunteer Form

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Volunteer shifts will start between 8 AM and 9 AM and the festival will conclude between 3 PM and 4 PM.

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For specific questions about the World Savvy Festivals, please contact Mattie Vukmir directly. 


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