Denny Yang

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Denny has been a part of the World Savvy team since August 2017. Growing up, Denny never identified himself as being part of a certain community because he grew up with the expectations to “Americanize” as a first-generation American-born youth while also being Hmong. These experiences compelled him towards the arts and intercultural and interpersonal communications, ultimately leading him to study communications in media and design. As a college student, he focused on producing various video projects, ranging from a short documentary about a student art show to a digital storytelling video about his experience in a school system that demonetizes English language learners who spoke native languages in the classroom.

In 2017, he received his Master of Science in Technical Communications at Metropolitan State University. At Metro, he worked as a graduate assistant to help put the spotlight on issues like mass incarceration, mental health, and youth voting turnouts. He’s also helped enhance the campus art and professional communities by supporting and marketing film and experiential festivals and increasing student activity and participation.

He loves all things related to The Legend of Zelda and enjoys his daily dosage of streaming services.

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