Maggie Front

Maggie Front is a graduate of the Global Competency Certificate program at Columbia Teachers College, where she was a member of the pilot cohort. She recently collaborated on a two-year Teacher Inquiry Project to pilot a middle school program that integrated mathematics, language arts, and social studies – infused with global themes — to move students deeper into critical thinking, growth mindset, and content.

While involved with the inquiry project, Maggie developed a keen interest in using restorative practices and mindfulness theory in the classroom to foster relationships and empathy.  She is trained in the use of the Mindful Schools curriculum in the secondary classroom and serves as an active facilitator for her school’s Restorative Justice program.

To continue working toward her primary global competency goal of being a lifelong learner, Maggie is currently part of the California International Studies Project’s Sustainability PLC, and is engaged in developing student action projects focused around the Global Goals and social justice at a local level.

Maggie has taught in Mill Valley, California for 16 years and currently works with middle school students in the areas of Language Arts, Social Studies, and Global Citizenship. In addition to family adventures, her passions include progressive education reform, urban gardening, beekeeping, and developing common ground with others through their personal stories.

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