Shumit DasGupta

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Shumit DasGupta, if asked, will claim that education chose him and not the other way around. After completing a BS in biology at the University of Michigan, he embarked on a very brief lab technician career at OSHA, which he promptly decided wasn’t for him. He did, however, have a side gig teaching test prep to high school students, which led him to believe learning and education was more his calling.

This led him to Chicago, where he completed his teaching credential at Northwestern University, and he taught HS biology, earth science and science research in Chicago Public Schools for 6 years. He was also concurrently enrolled in an MS of Ed of Earth System Science at Michigan Technological University, where his exposure to the Great White North led him to believe it was time to land in a place where he could commute to work on his bicycle year-round. Though the hills were daunting after the relatively flat Midwest, he chose San Francisco. 

After a few more years of classroom teaching, and after the birth of his daughter, Shumit decided it was time to affect education in a more nuanced way. After getting involved with more informal science education in the Bay Area, he founded his own after-school programs company, focusing on the interplay between science, art, and engineering. Working with and training adult educators sparked a new-found interest and re-entry point into formal education, and he began working directly with teachers through the California Academy of Sciences, facilitating Professional Learning experiences with K-12 teachers, using science as a vehicle to promote equitable pedagogy and the building of community. This ultimately led him to World Savvy in 2020- a wonder and a realization that we need a broader definition of education in the years to come. He lets all this settle on Sundays, when he roller skates with his daughter in Golden Gate Park, and generally enjoys life. 

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