Veronica Boix Mansilla

Veronica Boix Mansilla is a Principal Investigator the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Project Zero. Her research examines how human beings enhance their understanding of complex problems by using the lenses of disciplines like history, science, or the arts, or by combining disciplinary approaches in novel ways. Veronica is a co-principal investigator with Howard Gardner in the “Interdisciplinary Studies Project.” In addition to her research, Veronica is actively involved in professional development in national and international contexts. She is particularly interested in the challenges of reinterpreting Project Zero’s frameworks to serve developing countries–a mission she undertakes as the co-founder and director of the L@titud Project at PZ.

Veronica serves as an educational advisor at a variety of institutions on matters of pedagogy, curriculum design, assessment, and professional development. Examples of institution include the Fundación Omar Dengo (Costa Rica), the International Baccalaureate, the Organization of American States, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the Regiones Educativas project (Puerto Rico).

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