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World Savvy is a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are fully tax-deductible. Thank you for considering a gift or donation to World Savvy and joining our growing community of investors, allies, and partners who invest and inspire a generation of engaged changemakers. Your support makes a big difference as we re-imagine K-12 education for a more globally connected world, ensuring that students across the country have a chance to learn in more relevant and engaging classrooms.

World Savvy Graduates

World Savvy alumni Kelsey Larson and Leah Norman recently shared with us the impact World Savvy had on them - not only as students, but now in their adult lives and careers. Kelsey recently earned her Master of Arts in Education from Stanford University and is now a courageous educator committed to equity and global competence in her classroom. After graduating from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and International Development, Leah is making her mark in the social impact sector and pursuing her Masters of Public Policy after serving in the Peace Corps.


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