Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Let this momentous day be the catalyst for ongoing civic engagement that extends throughout the school year.

Year-after-year, students receive similar lessons honoring MLK. Young people are ready for more engaging content and we’re here to help. Our Program Team has provided recommendations for honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – the World Savvy way – inclusive, student-centered, and relevant.

MLK Photo

Resources to Support Students, Educators & Administrators

This non-exhaustive list will help support classroom discussions and enhance student engagement. Students can establish real-world connections to the ‘core’ material they are studying and elevate their voice by providing opportunities to explore and take action on the issues they care about most. Our staff has also provided resources to deepen educators’ and administrators’ awareness of culture and racial identity and understanding of the role we may (even unintentionally) play in others’ oppression (directly, structurally and culturally). 

Learning for Justice: The Best of Our Martin Luther King Jr. Resources

It’s critical to help students of any age connect MLK’s message to the present reality, their lived experiences and systems of oppression that still exist post Jim Crow. Potential discussion questions: In what ways is MLK’s dream still unfulfilled? Who are other leaders who are leading this work in your community today? What can you do to leave a legacy like MLK?

Dr. Bernice King

Learn about Martin Luther King, Jr.’s daughter and how she is honoring his legacy and continuing his work.

Voting Rights

MLK’s children and the King Center are working tirelessly for voting rights legislation to be passed. Here are some resources to explore this issue:

It Starts with Me, by Bernice A. King and Kimberly P. Johnson: This new illustration book follows a young girl as she sees the trouble in the world and realizes it must start with her to make the change.

MLK “I have a dream” in full: The full recording/video of the milestone speech.

Equity Oriented Books for Educators

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