Leading for Global Competence

World Savvy’s Leading for Global Competence cohort program supports school and district leaders in re-imagining education through global competence.

It’s more than a networking opportunity or one-time solution; it’s a journey.

Utilizing our exclusive World Savvy frameworks and resources, our goal is to provide you with the space, time, and thought partnership necessary to embed global competence into teaching, learning, and school culture.

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About the program:

Visionary leadership at every level is a core component of transforming education. Through the lens of global competence, school and district leaders will have an opportunity to create future-ready environments where learning is relevant, lived experience is valued, and every student can cultivate their unique talents and skills.

Leading for Global Competence will demonstrate how to leverage your mission, strategic goals, and profiles of a graduate to transform education and ensure that all students can thrive in our increasingly complex, interconnected world.

Our transformative model creates a lasting impact that extends beyond an individual teacher or administrator, ensuring that future generations benefit from the choices you make today. Cohort participants will develop a concrete action plan built to address your current challenges and meet the needs of your community. World Savvy’s experienced team of Professional Learning Facilitators will help you identify and prioritize action items to get the most out of your time & resources.

Using exclusive World Savvy frameworks and resources (including our Leadership and Educator frameworks), participants will strengthen the critical skills needed for tough conversations about long-term issues and build a solid foundation for lasting change.

By working in a cohort, Leading for Global Competence creates space to discuss the challenges you face and work directly with your colleagues to develop practical solutions. You will engage with a network of peers from whom you can receive support, thought partnership, and feedback as you collaborate to design the future of learning in your districts.

Why global competence?

image of the World Savvy matrixGlobal Competence refers to the skills, values, and behaviors necessary to thrive in an ever-changing and complex world. It’s a transformative lens through which we can create future-ready learning environments that prepare every student to succeed in a global economy.

Global Competence provides an organizing framework that encompasses critical areas in K-12 education – STEM, SEL, DEIJ, PBL, Civics, and CTE. By tackling these collectively through Global Competence, we can avoid initiative fatigue and ensure these objectives remain front and center.

You can learn more about World Savvy’s approach to embedding Global Competence here.


Who Should Participate

K-12 District and Building leaders: Superintendents, Principals, Administrators and District Staff

Time Commitment

8 hours of professional learning delivered over 12 weeks.

Some asynchronous work will be required between sessions
(5-10 hours total).

Session Format

Available in-person, remote, or hybrid. We will work with you to meet your school or district’s needs.


Preeti De, PNW BOCES Testimonial  Camilla Modesitt, DPS Testimonial

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