Thank you for your interest in World Savvy! Based on changing U.S. and global demographics and as the world becomes more interconnected, demand for global competence in the U.S., particularly among young, emerging leaders, continues to grow. We are at an exciting time in the growth and development of our organization as we continue to scale our impact through new programming and partnerships, and recognize opportunities to grow our reach and impact. We adopted a new, three-year strategic plan in July 2018 to guide this growth, and as the world faces unprecedented challenges in our current environment relating to COVID and racial equity, have responded with modified programming and strategic initiatives which support our core stakeholders to thrive through crisis.

World Savvy works to transform teaching, learning, and culture in K-12 education so all students are globally competent and prepared for 21st century jobs and civic life. As an innovative education reform leader, World Savvy is deeply invested in ensuring that global competence is a defining characteristic of a quality K-12 education. World Savvy defines global competence as the capacity and disposition to understand and act with others on issues of global significance, including the skills necessary to thrive in college, careers, and life in the 21st century.

Our Board is a dynamic group of professionals, committed to supporting the World Savvy CEO and staff achieve their innovation and growth goals.

We’re looking for Board members who:

  • Are passionate about, and committed to, World Savvy’s mission, goals, and values.
  • Are in a position to help us build the reach and influence of our network.
  • Are able to represent the organization to the broader community, including but not limited to members of local government, philanthropic leaders and donors, educators, media, and the businesses community.
  • Are committed to meeting the Board of Directors advocacy, work, fundraising and learning requirements as stated in the Job Description.

Overview of Service

Board Member Term: Terms are for three years with a maximum of three terms in most circumstances.

Annual Commitment: Working with the CEO, Board members enter into an annual agreement that calls for self-evaluation at the end of each fiscal year. The agreement asks each Board member to commit to their annual advocacy, work, fundraising and learning goals. Specifically regarding Board work, members serve on at least one committee of the Board that will make effective use of their individual expertise and skills set and/or enable the Board member to explore and expand a new area of interest related to the station. Board members also attend (in person or via video conference) each of our 3 Board meetings and 1 two-day Retreat. During the course of each year, Board members will have several opportunities to deepen their understanding of the work of World Savvy. Typical opportunities include World Savvy Festivals, program partner visits, in-school classroom visits and special Board presentations. Our Board members are committed to advocating on behalf of World Savvy in their daily lives and work environments and by introducing new people to World Savvy in various capacities.

Quarterly Commitment: Approximately 6-10 hours, distributed as follows.
Each quarter typically includes 1 Board meeting, 1-2 committee meetings and an event.

  • FQ1 July – Sept: 1 Board meeting – the annual 2 day Retreat in Minneapolis. 1-2 committee meetings typically via phone or video call. Kickoff of Fall campaign – commitments vary.
  • FQ2 Oct – Dec: 1 Board meeting – 4 hours. 1-2 committee meetings. Fall campaign commitment continues. World of Good planning. Ability to observe classroom or other programs.
  • FQ3 Jan – Mar: 1 Board meeting – 4 hours. 1-2 committee meetings. World of Good planning continues. Ability to observe classroom other programs.
  • FQ4: Apr – June: 1 Board meeting – 4 hours. 1-2 committee meetings. World of Good event in May. Festivals in May.

Note: Committees typically meet 4-6 times/year for 60-90 minutes.
Board members may also be asked or offer to participate in various introductory meetings.

Officers and Committees: Each year, the Board elects its own officers for one-year terms. This is done in accordance with the Bylaws and based on member interest, expertise, and organizational need. Standing Board Committees include:

  • Executive (Officers Only, Board Chair is Committee Chair)
  • Governance (Board Directors Only)
  • Finance (Treasurer is Chair; may also have community volunteers)
  • Growth Committee (Chaired by a Board Director; may also have community volunteers)
  • Impact Committee (Chaired by a Board Director; may also have community volunteers)
  • Audit Committee (Chaired by a Board Director; may also have community volunteers)

Ad Hoc Task Force:
In addition to the standing Committees noted above, the Board also creates discrete Task Force groups on an ad hoc basis, to take on specific projects vital to the organization’s success and growth. Board members are asked to formally participate in these groups as needed. Recent examples of Task Forces include:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Global Competence Certificate Task Force

Vision of Service

The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall governance of World Savvy in a manner that is consistent with nonprofit law in California, Minnesota, and New York, the organization’s bylaws, and the organization’s mission. In partnership with staff, Board members provide assurance and oversight over major policies and procedures, especially those that impact the long-term health and well-being of the nonprofit. The Board is committed to upholding best practices in all aspects of the organization’s work and to embracing broader standards of nonprofit excellence. Serving as stewards who hold the organization in trust for the good of the entire community, Board members are willing and engaged public ambassadors of World Savvy, who understand and respect the nuances of executive leadership. As such, when the Board functions before the public, it speaks with one reasoned voice to all constituents and stakeholders. As a group, the Board always acts in the organization’s best interests – especially with respect to conflicts of interest, privacy, confidentiality, and professional codes of conduct. When acting as individuals, Board members contribute in ways that highlight their professional strengths, engage their personal expertise and encourage overall innovation by the Board-at-large.

The following are areas of shared responsibility by all Board members:
Note: While specific experience in one or more of the following is helpful, this is not a requirement.

  • Fund Development / Philanthropy – Ensuring adequate resources to achieve the organization’s well-managed growth; including creating and updating a fund development plan as well as a plan for the stewardship of donors. Participating in fundraising activities, based on each Board member’s skills and background. Supporting an annual expansion of the organization’s internal culture of philanthropy, sustainability, and revenue building.
  • Strategic Planning – Planning for the future, including working with the staff to: set the organization’s strategic direction and annually reviewing and updating the organization’s mission and goals. Ensuring the organizational and legal structures are adequate and appropriate. Ensuring the nonprofit is adequately insured based on a detailed assessment of risks.
  • Education – Providing support and counsel to our Program team. Expertise that is most relevant includes: current and former educators who have a background in global education, current and former K-12 district leaders, and consultants who have worked closely with K-12 institutions.
  • Finance / Fiscal Management – Approving an annual budget and ensuring that the budget is both sound and furthers strategic priorities set forth by planning. Ensuring that appropriate fiscal and financial management policies are in place and monitoring the effectiveness of these policies. Monitoring the financial status of the nonprofit, including, monthly and quarterly review of relevant financial statements and annual review of income, expenses, assets, etc.
  • Human Resources / Board Development / Staff Development – Participating in Board development activities, including Board member recruitment, orientation, training, recognition, and evaluation. Establishing personnel policies, especially regarding salaries/benefits as part of the annual budget.
  • Brand Visibility / Public Affairs – Supporting the organization’s reputation and visibility goals. Promoting World Savvy to the general public, including advocacy, and serving as an emissary of the organization to other community organizations and institutions.


As is common with most nonprofits, the development of the World Savvy Board of Directors is a vital part of the continuing, successful operations of the organization. Efforts to continue developing the Board emphasize three aspects of participation: Diversity – Leadership – Expertise

Following an internal assessment of Board member skills and demographics, the World Savvy Board identified key areas of intentional recruitment within these three categories that are designed to create a dynamic board that can lead the organization for the coming years. They are as follows:

  • DIVERSITY: Everyone with an interest in Board service is welcomed and encouraged to nominate him or herself to the World Savvy Board of Directors. One of our Board development goals is to ensure Board members represent a broad and diverse set of perspectives in line with our organizational values. We are particularly interested in adding leaders who bring global, racial, ethnic. or other perspectives not currently represented on the Board.
  • LEADERSHIP: We welcome Board members who represent, have contacts, and maintain a sphere of influence among the following sectors and areas of professional life:
    • Corporate Leadership
    • Philanthropy
    • Technology
    • Finance
    • Brand Visibility/Public Affairs
    • K-12 Public Education
    • Social Justice
  • EXPERTISE: The goals of the continuing Board are to enhance the fundraising capacity of the Board, provide guidance and support for staff that serve as operating management, and contribute to the longevity and financial independence of World Savvy. The following skills sets and expertise that will help to move the organization forward:
    • Fundraising/Foundations/Endowments or Venture Capital
    • Social Enterprise
    • Technology
    • Finance
    • Public Relations/ Marketing/Communications
    • Strategic Planning and Organizational Development
    • Human Resources


If you’re interested in Board membership, fill out the form below. If you need support, you can email

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