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Join Us for Our June Program Summit!

As you know, we are honoring our 20th anniversary with a celebratory gala on June 22, 2022 at the Machine Shop in Minneapolis, MN. You can learn more and register for the event here.

Leading up to that event, World Savvy has partnered with some of our closest friends in the field to offer FREE and engaging workshops that showcase the work we do with schools every day. With offerings for friends, families, school leaders, and teachers, this is a perfect opportunity for anyone who is interested in learning more about our approach to transforming schools so that all students graduate with the skills and dispositions they need to thrive in a diverse, complex, and interconnected world.

To learn more about each event, please click the registration links below.

Cultivating Change: Zeroing In on Hunger through Community Engagement

9am-12pm | Wednesday, June 22, 2022
Minneapolis, MN

Audience: Educators, School Leaders, community members

Explore the concept of solidarity and the ways we can re-imagine “service days” to create sustainable relationships that benefit everyone. Using a case study, we will envision how to equitably engage students in their communities in ways that foster global competence, encourage the co-construction of knowledge through reflection, and support students’ budding self-identities as agents of change.

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EXPLR Your Impact: Media as Catalyst for Social Change

1-3pm | Wednesday, June 22, 2022
Minneapolis, MN

Audience: Students, educators, and school leaders

Media is an ever-present factor of our modern lives, so how can we leverage that same media to inspire action for social change? In this workshop we’ll experience a three part series from EXPLR media that encourages viewers to explore how plastics shape and impact our world. Through a video screening and collective inquiry, teams of participants will be challenged to explore their role and responsibility as plastics consumers and will leave ready to take action at the individual, local, or global level.

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Travel-Based Learning: The Window to a Global Ecosystem

4:30 PM – 7:00 PM | Tuesday, June 21, 2022
Minneapolis, MN

How can leaders in classrooms, schools, districts, and education arenas support students’ development of competencies to thrive in college, careers, and as citizens in diverse communities? Join us to explore how one district is using educational travel experiences abroad as a catalyst for developing a global ecosystem centered around diversity, equity, inclusion and future-readiness.

After the presentation, join us for a happy hour at the Icehouse.

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The Sustainable Development Goals at Year 7: A Deeper Look

9am – 12pm | Tuesday, June 21
Minneapolis, MN

Audience: Educators, School Leaders, community members, Board members, funders

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a global effort to unite civil society, governments, and social institutions in common cause to solve global problems. While this effort has faced significant headwinds due to the pandemic, the SDGs have been called “a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”. This session will engage participants in activities and conversations about the SDGs, including background about their content, implementation, limitations, and possibilities for this form of global governance. Opportunities to network on common interests and work will be an integral part of our session.

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Reimagining Schools and Society in an Age of Migration

1-4pm | Tuesday, June 21
Minneapolis, MN

Audience: Educators, School Leaders, community members

This session, which was created in partnership with our friends at Re-Imagining Migration, will provide educators and school leaders with concrete tools for honoring and elevating the voices of their immigrant students. By engaging with Re-Imagining Migration’s story sharing protocol and World Savvy’s inquiry process, participants will explore ways to create inclusive school communities that promote global competence for everyone.

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Culturally Responsive School Leadership: Inquiry and Action in Building Community-Based Schools

9:30am – 12:30pm | Monday, June 20
Minneapolis, MN

Audience: Educators and School Leaders

School leaders will learn the fundamental components of Culturally Responsive School Leadership (CRSL) and use an inquiry lens to reflect on their own leadership strengths and areas of growth. Through authentic self-reflection, open dialogue, and facilitated practice, this session provides school leaders an opportunity to come together to begin, deepen, or re-engage with the practice of CRSL.

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Raising Global
Citizens: The Path to Global Competence is Paved with Books

5-7pm | Monday, June 20
Minneapolis, MN

Audience: Families, children, educators, community members

Participants will get to hear author and educator Kamie Page read The Invisible You, a beautiful children’s book she co-authored with her father, Justice Alan Page, about feeling different and finding connections. Afterwards, Ms. Page will be available for questions about writing, teaching, storytelling, and the importance of diverse stories. Following dinner and book browsing, Rebecca Slaby and the team from AMAZEworks lead a discussion with adult participants about how to raise anti-bias/anti-racist children. Those in attendance can also enter their name to win a copy of Kamie and Alan’s latest book, Bee Love (Can be Hard) and an accompanying curriculum guide designed for parents and educators.

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