Celebrating World Savvy Students

Celebrating World Savvy Students
June 18, 2019

The World Savvy Festival is the signature event of our World Savvy Classrooms programming.  From K2A project presentations to design challenges, the day-long event celebrates students and their visions for the future.

On April 30th, 2019 over 300 students from 14 schools across the Minneapolis-St. Paul area attended the World Savvy Festival at Hamline University.  During the first half of the day, students presented their Knowledge to Action (K2A) projects on the year’s theme, Breaking Barriers. Students who decide to compete can win 1st, 2nd or 3rd place across four project categories: Environmental Justice, Sustainability, Human Rights and Social Justice.  During the project presentations, community guests and volunteers provide feedback on student prototypes and their discussion of their project process and methods. Students can also decide to showcase their projects to be nominated by all Festival attendees for three award categories: Innovation Award, Action Award and Empathy Award.

The second half of the day featured a design challenge known as the Knowledge to Action Experience (K2A E).  Student teams were partnered with teams from different schools based on their project and inquiry questions. For example, students researching water issues from three different schools were paired to make a new team of 10 students.  During the K2A E, students worked on finding a common message that united their respective projects to design a call to action. The students worked creatively in teams to design social media campaigns, posters, speeches and skits to bring their message to a larger audience.

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