Working Through Uncertainty to Reimagine Education

Working Through Uncertainty to Reimagine Education
June 29, 2021


We’ve been doubling down at World Savvy on supporting an education system that centers youth agency, empowers diverse young leaders to become impactful changemakers, and re-imagines K-12 teaching and learning to build the competencies for engaged citizenship – locally and globally.

Our Mission: World Savvy educates and engages youth to learn, work, and thrive as responsible global citizens.

Our Vision: World Savvy envisions a K-12 education system that prepares all students with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions for success and active engagement in the global community.

While the past 14 months brought unprecedented challenges, especially for our educators and students, they also presented the opportunity to reimagine education through a more equitable lens.

The shift to virtual during the pandemic also spurred change in our programs in a way that broke down geographic barriers and will allow for accelerated growth in the coming years.

Expansion of school partnerships across geographies

More emphasis on accessible virtual supports such as virtual workshops and microcredentials

Partnerships with organizations like EXPLR Media, EF, and more

This Year

Our team turned challenges into opportunity in the midst of disruption in our education system, but we could not have done this without a network of loyal donors and supporters like you.

This past year, we served:

Since our founding in 2002, we have served:

Our impact during this challenging year was profound. Educators engaged in World Savvy partnerships showed significant growth in knowledge and capacity toward integrating Global Competence in their learning environments, creating more engaging, relevant, and inclusive classrooms:

I can make connections to Global Competence on a personal level and its impact on my classroom.

Average Agreement

I can identify and develop a community or world issue or problem to solve using the design thinking process and targeting the essential content standards.

Average Agreement

Looking Ahead

As we look ahead, we have a renewed sense of urgency. We are more committed than ever to our bold 2035 Vision of engaging a network of 10,000 middle and high schools in diverse geographies across the US, reaching an estimated 5 million students. 

We will leverage the learning and impact in this network of schools to change the discourse nationally on what constitutes a ‘quality’ education. We are creating a future-ready K-12 system that deeply and equitably prepares young people for life as engaged citizens, thriving professionals, and global problem solvers.

Already this year, we’re building critical momentum toward our 2035 Vision. The Enlight Foundation, a valued World Savvy partner for the last five years, has made a generous $5 million investment in World Savvy’s continued national growth. This donation kick-starts World Savvy’s Vision 2035 Campaign to raise $26.5 million over the next five years toward national expansion at a crucial time in our nation to reimagine an education system grounded in the skills and dispositions young people need to navigate our complex, diverse, and interconnected world. Stay tuned for more on our Vision 2035 Campaign this fall!

Thank you for being a part of this movement. 

With gratitude,

Dana Mortenson
CEO and Co-founder

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