Workshops + Institutes

World Savvy offers multiple Institutes and Workshops designed to support schools to embed global competence into teaching, learning, and culture. With dynamic and experiential offerings for educators, instructional leaders, and administrators, our goal is to support this work at every level within a school building and/or a district.

Offerings include:

Two Day Institutes:

These are in-person experiences.

  • Integrating World Savvy: Global Competence and the World Savvy Frameworks
    An introduction to Global Competence as well as the exploration of some World Savvy frameworks that will help teachers embed global competence into their practice – The World Savvy Design Process, the World Savvy Inquiry Process, and the Knowledge to Action process.
  • Building Global Competence through Community Engagement
    This is a deep dive into what community engagement can look like for students and schools and how it can be leveraged to build global competence. This is designed for both teachers and administrators.
  • Building Global Competence: Turning your Classroom into a place of Inquiry
    A deep dive into the World Savvy Inquiry process and how it can be used to transform your teaching and building global competence in your students.


These can be done in-person or online. In addition, the length can be tailored to your needs (60 min – 3 hrs).

  • The World Savvy Knowledge to Action Process
    Resources and pro tips on how to facilitate this experience with your students.
  • The World Savvy Inquiry Process: Building Research Skills
    Resources and pro tips on how to use the World Savvy Inquiry process for both lessons and formal research projects.
  • The World Savvy Design Process: Lesson Development and Long Term Planning
    Resources and pro tips on how to use the World Savvy Design process to scaffold essential skills and behaviors over time.
  • Assessment: Build and Measure Global Competence
    Learn about World Savvy’s framework for assessment practices that both build and measure global competence.
  • Global Competence + Content Series
    These workshops are designed to provide tips and resources for how global competence can be embedded into each subject area. The goal is to move beyond theory and into practical application.

    • Math
    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • English
    • World Languages
    • Special Education
  • Global Competence Deep Dive Series
    These workshops are designed to do a deep dive into how teachers can use the Global Competence Matrix to build these essential skills and behaviors.

    • Community & Collaboration (Elementary, Middle, or High school)
    • Critical Thinking
    • Empathy
    • Identity & Multiple Perspectives
  • Building Global Competence with the Sustainable Development Goals
    Learn how to teach with the SDGs in order to build global competence in your students.
  • Building Global Competence: Creating Case Studies
    Case studies are a great way to blend the Design Process, the Inquiry Process, and, at times, the K2A process. In this workshop, learn the best practices for creating case studies that are engaging for students and build the essential skills and dispositions that young people need.

*World Savvy also offers customized workshop development.

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