Program Goals


Students participating in World Savvy Classrooms will:

  • …apply critical, comparative and creative thinking to problem solving and action projects.
  • …collaborate effectively as they design and implement K2A plans.
  • …demonstrate deep understanding of a significant global issue. This means that students can describe how that issue is connected on both a local and global level, how that issue is connected to other global issues, and make connections to root causes.


Teachers participating in World Savvy Classrooms will:

  • …expand process knowledge as it relates to integrating global competence into interactive learning experiences designed for students.
  • …identify and apply connections between required standards and the World Savvy Classrooms theme.
  • …seek out multiple perspectives and opinions as they develop their own understanding about critical issues in our world today.
  • …enhance their practice through networking opportunities during professional development workshops.

Program Components

World Savvy Classrooms supports students as they develop their global competencies through academic research and social action. We support teachers through professional development and coaching, and promote learning that is experiential, engaging, impactful, and relevant for every educator and student.

Professional Development

Access to two workshops that provide educators with experiences to understand and apply global competence, and to design and develop a World Savvy Knowledge-to-Action project.

Coaching and Support

Partner with World Savvy staff to integrate a World Savvy Knowledge-to-Action project into their classrooms. Educators benefit from three hours of additional hours of curriculum and resource support.

Youth Engagement

World Savvy staff help engage students in inquiry and project-based learning during in-class workshops. These workshops encourage the exploration of the theme, Breaking Barriers, and the development of a Knowledge-to-Action plan.

World Savvy Festival

During this culminating event, students share their projects with peers, parents, and the wider community. They may exhibit visual art or showcase performing art (including theatre, dance, spoken word, music, and film). Additionally, students can display websites, documentaries, performances, or exhibits. *25 students allowed per registered teacher.


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