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We Must Imagine…A world where students know more, care more, and do more to contribute to a more peaceful, sustainable, and just world.

Thank you for celebrating 20 years of World Savvy with us! We were thrilled to have so many educators, community partners, leaders, and supporters with us on June 22nd to celebrate two decades of impact, and to look ahead and imagine a better future, with education as a key driver of change. Together, We Must Imagine a world where all students have more of what they deserve.

Will you join us? Advocate and Donate to power World Savvy’s We Must Imagine campaign, to engage a network of 10,000 K-12 schools in diverse geographies across the U.S., reaching an estimated 5 million students, and fundamentally changing conversations around what constitutes a quality education for all students.


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At World Savvy, we are bravely imagining something different. The world is changing, and educators + school leaders need support to help our systems of learning change along with it. We can only rise to meet our biggest challenges if our students learn to think through complex problems, and design solutions from a global perspective. It is crucial that students learn the skills needed to thrive in their communities, locally and globally — and this is what World Savvy does. Skills like problem-solving, comfort with ambiguity, collaboration, empathy, and critical thinking skills.

We’re building learning environments that are relevant and connected to what is happening in the world, where students are at the center and can develop the habits of changemakers in a global community. Where students – and educators – energetically engage with diversity and work together across differences. The future of our democracy – and our planet– depends on it.

As educators, We Must Imagine classrooms where every student knows that their identity is valuable, and they have opportunities to grapple with real-world challenges. As business leaders, We Must Imagine an education system that prepares students for success in our modern economy and workforce. As engaged community members, We Must Imagine a world where students are energized toward building a vibrant multi-ethnic democracy.

Thank you for being a part of 20 years of impact at World Savvy, and for joining the movement to build a world where students know more, care more, and do more to contribute to a more peaceful, sustainable, and just world.

Want more ways to support World Savvy’s We Must Imagine campaign? From planned giving to peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns to answering all of your donation questions, we’ve got you covered! Please reach out to

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