Our work empowers educators to make school inclusive, relevant, and engaging for all students, inspiring them to learn, work, and thrive as responsible global citizens.

World Savvy students graduate:

  • Equipped to collaborate and cooperate as active citizens in more diverse, local communities.
  • Prepared as problem solvers, poised to address future local and global challenges that are increasingly interconnected and interdependent.
  • With the knowledge and skills necessary for future jobs in a global economy.


“World Savvy opened my eyes to the problems occurring in our world. It also made me see people differently. No matter how different I could be from someone else, we are still humans and suffer from the same problems.” – World Savvy Student

By the Numbers

Each day, we’re educating and engaging students to be empathetic when faced with difference, resilient when faced with challenges, and adaptable when faced with change. As a result, students are not only prepared for future success in a global society, but also inspired to contribute to peace, justice, and sustainability for our world.


(*data from 2019 impact report)


of students grew
in teamwork and collaboration skills.


of students developed global competence


of students learned how a local issue is connected to a global issue.


of students stayed open to new opportunities, ideas, and ways of thinking.




of educators increased their knowledge of how to implement a project-based unit.


of educators increased their ability to employ design thinking.


of educators increased knowledge of global competence.


of educators agreed that World Savvy helped them intentionally reflect on the teaching practice and adapt to better meet student needs.

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