Reimagining K-12 education through global competence

We partner with schools to support globally competent instruction, co-create transformative learning environments, and empower students as changemakers.


Making classrooms inclusive, relevant, and engaging for all students; inspiring them to learn, work, and thrive as responsible global citizens.

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School Leadership

Building more inclusive, future-ready classrooms begins with visionary and supportive school leaders. We offer leadership cohorts that support school and district leaders in reimagining education through global competence.

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Rural “Hub” Communities

Working in collaboration with stakeholders in rural communities to design future-ready education ecosystems for all students to thrive.

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Comprehensive School Partnerships

We transform learning environments through our multi-year school partnerships. This holistic program is designed collaboratively with district and school leaders to align with each building’s strategic vision and goals.

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We offer over a dozen global competence micro-credentials, which allow educators to demonstrate mastery of a range of skills to promote global competence within the K-12 learner experience.

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Offering a range of classroom resources, materials and tools for educators to integrate global competence into teaching and learning.

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Global Issues, Local Action

“We created a virtual reality (VR) game where you could go around and convince people in the stimulation to not smoke by giving them facts, which not only teaches the people in the game, but to also teaches you these smoking facts.”

  • 6th Graders from Burlingame Intermediate School | Burlingame, CA

“We wanted to bring waste management at schools to a larger scale, because we have seen that people are wasting the cafeteria trays and utensils. We’d like to spread awareness about all the waste that our schools produce.”

  • Project R, student team from Knoxville County Middle Schools | Knoxville, TN

“We created designs and turned them into stickers, magnets, postcards and other things that people could utilize in their daily lives, and constantly remind them that they can make a change in the world.”

  • 6th Graders from Bullis Charter School | Los Altos, California

“We want to make our take on a free Little Library, but not with books. Instead, we want to give out living essentials. We did not want to just raise awareness, we wanted to directly impact homelessness.”

  • H.E.L.P., student team from Clara Barton Open School | Minneapolis, MN
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