Comprehensive School Partnership

We partner with schools to transform learning environments into inclusive, adaptive, and future-ready schools.

Our multi-year partnerships are designed collaboratively with school leaders to align with each building’s strategic vision and goals. Learn more about our approach.

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Three essential partnership components

Workshops + Institutes

Expand knowledge and skills

We offer multiple Institutes and Workshops designed to support schools to embed global competence into teaching, learning, and culture.

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Embed into everyday practice

We work one-on-one with educators to support the implementation of our frameworks and embed global competence into their everyday practice.

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Impact Measurement

Review the transformation

We utilize a developmental impact measurement framework. All partnerships include a pre- and post-partnership assessment, and a customized school report.

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Explore additional partnership options

Workshops + Institutes, Coaching, and Evaluation are included in all school partnerships. We have five additional partnership components available to suit the needs of your strategic vision and goals.

Knowledge to Action (K2A) Design Challenges

Knowledge to Action (K2A) Design Challenges are short-term learning experiences where participants come together to create ideas for making change in their school or local community. Grounded in human centered design, our Knowledge to Action framework supports the identification of an issue of personal and community relevance, builds knowledge and understanding of the complexity of the problem hoping to be solved, and supports the creation of informed solutions designed to tackle the root causes of the issue.


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School Showcase

Public presentation is core to World Savvy’s model. A School Showcase allows students to share what they have learned with the larger community and encourages discourse on the most pressing global issues of the day. It creates an authentic audience outside of their classroom, allows them to practice essential communication skills, and provides a space for students to receive positive feedback about their work. World Savvy provides support to structure a school level event that engages students, families and the broader community in a celebration of the K2A experience


Micro-credentials provide educators with recognition for the skills they develop throughout their careers, regardless of where or how they learned them. They are competency-based, research-backed, personalized, and on-demand. World Savvy has designed 14 Micro-credentials that are offered through Digital Promise.

Micro-credentials can be taken individually by educators or can be incorporated into a school partnership as a facilitated group learning experience for educators.


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World Savvy also provides consulting services to schools and districts, customized based on their individual needs. Some areas of potential consulting include:

  • Customized Resource Development
  • Curriculum Development Support
  • PLC Facilitation
  • Facilitated Microcredential Learning 

Consulting scopes are developed based on the individual needs of a school or district.

Global Competence Situation Assessment

A Global Competence Situation Assessment is a systematic and participatory process to generate a deeper understanding of the strengths, assets, challenges and barriers to embedding global competence education in a school or district. The process can help key stakeholders understand the appropriateness of global competence interventions to their specific context, avoid duplication of efforts and provide a baseline for program evaluation. The situation assessment should be participatory, involving a core group of supportive stakeholders who offer diverse perspectives but share a genuine interest, capacity and willingness to engage fully in the process of inquiry. The specific process will be outlined in collaboration with the partner and can include elements such as document review, interviews, focus groups and surveys.

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Impact on Educators


of educators increased their capacity to engage students in learning that deepens their understanding of the world, builds critical and creative thinking skills, and provides exposure to multiple perspectives.


of educators increased their capacity to provide opportunities to research global and local challenges and potential solutions, facilitate action-focused learning.


of educators increased their capacity to cultivate a learning environment where students can be curious, challenge assumptions, and seek multiple perspectives.


of educators increased their capacity to explore and nurture connections across identities.


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