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Timing during the K2A project

Knowledge to Action Students will engage in a series of activities, games, and reflections in order to explore World Savvy’s approach to design thinking and project based learning. This workshop should happen at the very start of the Knowledge 2 Action process. It is an intro to get students thinking about their K2A projects and issue areas that interest them.
Building Empathy Students will explore the concept of empathy by engaging in a rapid design process with a partner. This workshop is designed as an intro to the concept and practice of empathizing. It can fit in at any stage of the background research/case study or empathize steps of the Knowledge to Action process. Ideally, this workshop will happen before students are too far in any fieldwork or stakeholder interviews.
Interviewing Students will explore the role of field work interviews in their research, prepare interview questions for their stakeholders, and examine the role of power in interviewing. This workshop is great for classes that plan to engage in some type of interview based field research as part of the empathize stage of the K2A process. This workshop should happen early in the empathize stage as students are planning for their interviews.
Prototyping Students will work in their teams to go through a rapid prototyping process with one of their brainstormed ideas for their K2A solution. This workshop is designed for students to be able to create a usable prototype for one of their brainstormed ideas/solutions. This workshop should happen after idea brainstorming has been done, but before prototyping/testing is complete.
Taking Action Students will work in their K2A teams to build action plans for their K2A projects. This workshop focuses on situating student projects in authentic applications. This workshop is designed for students to create action plans for their K2A projects. This workshop should be held during the end of the K2A process to help provide ‘next steps’ planning support to student teams.
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