Centering Students at Bay Area Workshops

Centering Students at Bay Area Workshops
June 18, 2019

World Savvy facilitates workshops with over 1,700 Bay Area middle and high school students on integral parts of our design thinking methodology to support students completing Knowledge to Action (K2A) projects.  These workshops align with each phase of the K2A process: Choosing a Topic; Building Empathy; Defining Inquiry Questions; Prototyping and Testing; and Presentation Skills. Bay Area workshops start with students exploring the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a way of identifying big global challenges that they are personally affected by or interested in and how these worldwide issues manifest in their communities.  

The K2A workshop process is ultimately designed to authentically empower students to pursue their interests.  For example during a topic brainstorm workshop, students at Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley realized their community had a high potential for a public health crisis and landed on a K2A project examining vaccination policies and rates; at an empathy building workshop, sixth graders at Bullis Charter School reflected on what perspectives were missing from their project on Environmental Migration; while working through prototypes, science students at Herbert Hoover Middle School, tested whether or not a physical or digital model most effectively proved their ocean plastic clean up theory.  Each part of the K2A project process is concentrated in workshops ranging from 45-90 minutes so that students can learn from each other and reflect on the design thinking process in real time. Students leave the skill building workshops sharper and ready to take their inquiry question to the next phase.

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